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going on 12 years old

She is going to be 12 in January.  She is beautiful, silly, strong, and she is still the light of my life!  She is 5th grade public school and is doing amazing.
We just celebrated out 10 year gotcha day, and there is not a day that goes by that I am not reminded of what a true blessing she is.  

Enjoy some updated pics and comment if you stop in.  Always wondered if any of our long time friends still stop in and check up.  I do miss this blog and everyone that came with it, but life must move forward. 


Tonya said…
Wow! Gorgeous girl! I was just looking at my horribly neglected blog and noticed that you had updated yours a few weeks ago. It's so good to see recent pics. I'm on Instagram and I've got some pics of Lyra up there. She just won the overall title for her age division at the world championships in country ballroom. It was fun! I wish we could all get together and catch up!!! Miss y'all!!!!
Laura Bell said…
May God bless you and your family! I support orphans in Ukraine We really need your assistance in sharing this info. Thank you so much!

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golden brown baby girl.

Not such a baby anymore.  She has grown up so much the last few weeks.  I looked at her today when she got out of the shower and I was shocked, it was like I had just seen her for the first time in months.  She looks so grown up. 

Notice anything different?

A little accessory for her Aunt Rickie's wedding.  She kept telling us she wanted long hair like us for the wedding but we just never grew it out.  So voila! instant long hair!
I do plan to make it look a lot nicer for the wedding.  Literally she walked in from playing in the sprinkler and I shoved it on her head.  Once her real hair is curled it will blend and look more uniform. I am proud at how well I matched the color, I was worried because I ordered it off line.